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Mood and wine pairing

Because of the mood of late spring time, when I see how green and lush the nature is, I think of the painters who can faithfully illustrate this kind of mood. Yesterday I saw an air balloon, and I remembered a painting of Szinyei Merse Pál – one of the Hungarian painter geniuses. And why not celebrate this masterpiece with a beautiful liquid masterpiece?

Pál Szinyei Merse – Balloon (Szinyei Merse Pál – Léghajó)

From my window yesterday

The wine is gold with linden honey fragrance, with flowers…  I can’t stop smell it. The taste is creamy and friuty, like you put into your mouth the whole May nature. Beautiful and airy! For that very reason come it to my mind when i see the balloon. Csendes Dűlő Wine Estate is in Badacsony wine region, located in the North coast of Lake Balaton. I love the style of them, friendly family winery, nice wines naturally without frills.

Csendes Dűlő Wine Estate – Hárslevelű 2012 (Photo by Molnár Júlia Dóra http://www.csendes-dulo.hu)


Vividly soft

…yes, this is our smallest wine region. Somló Hill is a volcanic butte (wittness hill) stands lonely on the plain. At the moment we do not care how big or how small is this because the point is that especial white beauties comes from Somló’s grapevines. I love these typical powerful acid rich whites, but not like in riesling from Germany, rather specific mineral style. Must try.

somló hill

Wine: Somlói Juhfark Aszú

Winery: Somlói Apátsági Pince

The variety is Juhfark (related to this wine region) and the wine is an Aszú, made from botrytis berries. I got it as a gift, and it may seem strange I have no information about sugar, acid, alcohol rates. During tasting only thing I want to know, how can I take more bottles.

Fragrance is complex, more sensual than Juhfark usually (because this variety is not the easy understand type) like linden honey, pretty sweet but not ultra sweet scent, I love it. Taste is wonderful, acid and sugar in absolutely perfect harmony, pampers silky my tongue. Nice symphony. Juhfark is the strong male personality, which get a graceful shape, and the result is so charming…

You have to come and taste, it is a rarity, real gift of nature.



Furmint USA

A new project and a new web page collect the wineries in Tokaj wine region, who make dry Furmints. The site and the videos (like this) also beneficial for us Hungarians, because lot of my compatriots associate to sweet wines when they heard abut this region…

I love furmint, so I am truly happy when I see this kind of projects. About Furmint you can read in earlier posts.

Very good summery of this variety!

The project website.

Summer feeling

Sunshine and flower perfumes gleam among the vineyards. I like this pink-green scenery in Tokaj Hétszőlő Winery’s slope. This is a tipical combination pleasant and useful, because rose bushes are planted next to the grapes, because it can indicate diseases early.

fotó 2And of course the because of the scenery and the fragrances! I took this pics last weekend, when we tasted some late harvest from Tokaj region. Some of them were creamy and honeyed like Tündérkönny 2011 (Tokaj Wine Trust Winery) and others are realy fresh and summery sweet like Katinka 2011 from Patricius Winery. I encourage everyone te be engrossed in world of Tokaj late harvests.


Nice experience from Argentina

After a few week offline period, lot of wine tasting we are recharged! Some of them a Chardonnay and a Malbec from Argentina with sooo many positive experience, what I didn’t expect. I hit a wall many times with new world’s wines when met them first, because I had high expectations. Today I know that it should be looked a little different view by a lokal patriot as me. I often make a mistake to search our domestic habits, flavours, and therefore important to look around beyond the borders.trapiche ch

These wines from Trapiche winery (Mendoza) and all of them were pleasant adventure. Fragrance of Chardonnay 2011 was a “beneficent slap in my face” to invite me to drink more from Argentina! Rich and strong aromas, which do not allow to smell long, because we want to taste immediately. It is an oak cask winefamily, and altough alcohol is a little bit high and usually we fear the number 13,5% I have to say that it is so round!

Point of wine

When I first saw Sauska Winery’s logo, my first impression was the James Bond gun barrel. It may seem like a fool idea, moreover I am not even a big fan of 007. I know already since then, that the “holy” label, and the “point” on the top of the capsule shows the Sauska clean and simple design and quality, not only on the skin. My imagination wasn’t so much wrong because Sauska style is elegant, many-sided and patriotic-international at the same time… like the spy.

sauska furmintSimmons-Gun-Barrel-2

They have vineyards on Tokaj and Villány wine regions also. The two area have completely different properties, climate and grape varieties. That’s why Sauska has wide range of excellent white, rosé, siller and red wines. Beside tradtional varieties they focus on global vines also, as they say to represent the terroir. That was the most interesting for me, because I prefer the Hungarian types in our wine regions. In Tokaj not so many winemaker work with global varieties, which is not surprising. This is one of the oldest, and the famous region with historical traditions, and with regulation which doesn’t alowed global varieties as “Tokaj wine” to trade. I think this is all right, we have to save our world heritage, but it’s a special aspiration to try new things.

On Tuesday I was in a Sauska wine tasting, in Most-Jelen Winebar, and we met the Cuvée 113 from Tokaj.
This wine is a novel blend of the local and global vines. Furmint, Hárslevelű and Yellow Muscat are the locals who got partners as Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc. At the tasting said that the company’s aim to get closer the colorful world of Tokaj to foreigners using these French varieties. I have to agree with this, because in my experience, the fact that many foreigners, who aren’t familiar with local wines not dare to take it off the shelf. This cuvée is interesting and thought-provoking. Nice wine, with Tokaj style and something new, and I like a little wood in it (And yes, I know too much barrel is not popular today, but my taste buds don’t know it!)

Red wines, and Sauska in Villány wine region deserve a new post next time, with more “Bond logo-like” labels.

February is the month of furmint

This is February, I am Hungarian and I love furmint. This grape is one of the base wine of Tokaji Aszú but this is not the only reason why we love it.

Many people think that Tokaj wines are always sweet and diggestiv drinks. Furmints from Somló or Tokaj can show how respectable a long-lived white wine.


I am fond of its pear and nutmeg nose, and long flavour. It has more faces in different soils, and regions. Furmints from Somló have temperate fragrance but dense and minerally. Tokaj furmints have more fruit aromas, but both of them well balanced and complex, multi-dimensional white.

Februar is the month of Furmint so we can enjoy these gems in numerous restaurants and wine bars. The top of the programms is a Big Furmint Ferbuary Taste in Vajdahunyad castle.

It’s a fabled castle for me, and especial place for wine tasting. When you arrive, it is a prince/ss feeling, like in a fable, because of the castle, the milieu, beautiful wines…

The castle represented the mansion in Vajdahunyad, Transylvania. Even more uniqe are the historical monuments details, from Cathedral from Pécs, Catherine’s Gate in Brassó, Charles’ Gate from Gyulafehérvár, Gödöllői Royal Palace, Church in Ják and many others.

Oh yes, I know that a tasting with near 70 wineries is a hard work even for a prince/ss, but this is the most extensive possibiliti taste furmint, you mustn’t miss out!