Sauska on Decanter World Wine Awards!

What a pleasure to tell you this good news, that a red wine from Villány got a gold medal on Decanter World Wine Award! Exactly 2009 Sauska ‘Cuvee 5’ won the international trophy for best Red Bordeaux varietal over £15.

We already posted about Sauska winery earlier, about what an elegant style wines they have, and I am so glad that they were rewarded on international platform also! I hope that the beauties of this wine region will be more attention from now.

Let we see some info about the champion.

“A blend of Merlot (45%), Cabernet Sauvignon (35%) and Cabernet Franc (20%). Deep ruby color. Fresh red and black currants, violets, good milk chocolate and cocoa powder in the nose.On the palate, the 2009 Cuvee 5 expresses wonderful concentration of red forest fruit which has a subtle way of lingering into a long lasting finish.” (


Point of wine

When I first saw Sauska Winery’s logo, my first impression was the James Bond gun barrel. It may seem like a fool idea, moreover I am not even a big fan of 007. I know already since then, that the “holy” label, and the “point” on the top of the capsule shows the Sauska clean and simple design and quality, not only on the skin. My imagination wasn’t so much wrong because Sauska style is elegant, many-sided and patriotic-international at the same time… like the spy.

sauska furmintSimmons-Gun-Barrel-2

They have vineyards on Tokaj and Villány wine regions also. The two area have completely different properties, climate and grape varieties. That’s why Sauska has wide range of excellent white, rosé, siller and red wines. Beside tradtional varieties they focus on global vines also, as they say to represent the terroir. That was the most interesting for me, because I prefer the Hungarian types in our wine regions. In Tokaj not so many winemaker work with global varieties, which is not surprising. This is one of the oldest, and the famous region with historical traditions, and with regulation which doesn’t alowed global varieties as “Tokaj wine” to trade. I think this is all right, we have to save our world heritage, but it’s a special aspiration to try new things.

On Tuesday I was in a Sauska wine tasting, in Most-Jelen Winebar, and we met the Cuvée 113 from Tokaj.
This wine is a novel blend of the local and global vines. Furmint, Hárslevelű and Yellow Muscat are the locals who got partners as Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc. At the tasting said that the company’s aim to get closer the colorful world of Tokaj to foreigners using these French varieties. I have to agree with this, because in my experience, the fact that many foreigners, who aren’t familiar with local wines not dare to take it off the shelf. This cuvée is interesting and thought-provoking. Nice wine, with Tokaj style and something new, and I like a little wood in it (And yes, I know too much barrel is not popular today, but my taste buds don’t know it!)

Red wines, and Sauska in Villány wine region deserve a new post next time, with more “Bond logo-like” labels.