historical wine region

Summer feeling

Sunshine and flower perfumes gleam among the vineyards. I like this pink-green scenery in Tokaj Hétszőlő Winery’s slope. This is a tipical combination pleasant and useful, because rose bushes are planted next to the grapes, because it can indicate diseases early.

fotó 2And of course the because of the scenery and the fragrances! I took this pics last weekend, when we tasted some late harvest from Tokaj region. Some of them were creamy and honeyed like Tündérkönny 2011 (Tokaj Wine Trust Winery) and others are realy fresh and summery sweet like Katinka 2011 from Patricius Winery. I encourage everyone te be engrossed in world of Tokaj late harvests.



We are here again! The blog one-year birthday is over, and after the break Winelli continues impressions from Hungarian wine and design world.


It is Spring, the time of fresh ideas, new projects, events, colours, flavors…!

This picture was taken in Gyöngyöspata, foot of Mátra mountain. Historical wine region with nice white wines. Next post will reported about this beautiful land.

Szepsy won a prestigious award

István Szepsy won the “Les Seigneur du Vin” honor on World Wine Symposium.

Perhaps no one correct me if I say he is the most prestigious member of the Hungarian wine makers, who justly won this award. I met him first in a tourism conference a few years ago, where he talked about Tokaj wines as hungaricum. I heard his voice and saw his stature for the first time, but I never forget. A tiny figure man with long winemaking history, and engaging personality. I said before about „autenticitiy” what is the most important for me in wine, and this is why I like the whole world of wine making. Well, if somebody doesn’t know what I am talking about, listen to how he yarns about Tokaj and Mád.

About this award: The World Wine Symposium, created by François Mauss, president and founder of the Grand Jury Européen, was born from the simple desire to create a global forum of reference for the principal actors within the world of fine wine: producers, suppliers, distributors, négociants, journalists, politicians and connoisseurs. This event is hallmarked by wine Godfathers like Aubert de Villaine (Domaine de la Romanée-Conti), Angelo Gaja, Egon Müller, Pablo Alvarè (Vega Sicilia). “Wine is not simply a commercial commodity, rather, it is a product infused with historical and cultural dimensions that must be protected and defended.”

My nose became rose colour…

Long break, but my excuse is lot of work and experience with wines, which kept away from my computer and from worldwideweb. I m coming from the most beautiful items, to share with you.

bárdos rosé

First beauty is a Rose from Mátra Historical Wine Region (Otherwise Mátra is our highest mountain which saves the southern slopes.)

The wine won a silver medal in VinAgora International Wine Festival in June. (The jury is composed of highly experienced individuals who have a long background in judging samples at international wine competitions.) The truth is this bottle didn’t get to me intentionally. I tasted it by coincidence, but the random will be the greatest success, won’t it?

Smell is so deep with raspberry orgy, they had to say me to “hurry” taste because it warm up, but I would have been with fragrance long-long time… I felt as inside my nose became rose colour… as I would sniff its colour. Beautiful! Taste is also deep, and my picture from the bottle is not the best because its colour is more darker! The depth of this rose grabbed me, want to drink it everyday.