5 facts about Eger Wine Region

1. The region lies on the same latitude than Burgundy.
2. On the Nagy Eged Hill is the highest vineyards in Hungary, it is a Grand Cru area.

eged hegy

(picture was taken today)

3. Bikavér (Bulls Blood, traditional cuvée) classification:

Classicus (3 varieties)
Superior (5 varieties, harvest restricions)
Grand Superior (5 varieties, harvest restricions, first class vineyards)

4. Egri Csillag (Star of Eger) the white cuvée, the pair of Bikavér 4 varieties can be made.
5. Not just the grapes and the cellars, but the thermal baths, the historical sites, Hungary’s second largest church housed in this region.

+ and this Friday will be held the Bikavér Duel where Bull’s Blood can be tasted from Eger and from Szekszárd. More info on this page.

My favourite red Cuvée of the year


A beauty from Eger: Kisfiam Cuvée 2011 from Bukolyi Family Estate.

Winemaker is the young Marcell Bukolyi, a purposful personality, who makes natural wines, on the best vineyards of Eger wine region. His father László Bukolyi was also a key member of the region’s wine life. They have a nice family estate, there are no huge quantities, just the suitable for the high quality.
I was lucky because Marcell said only a few bottle left of this vintage. After I tasted the wine, I read a recommendation – which was published in 2012 – and I found that it went through many changes over two years. Perfect tannin structure, nice eger style acids, scent – as the taste also – spicy and rich fruity. Maybe the reason why it was overwhelming for me, is that at summertime I wish fruity and a little bit sweet flavors. It gave me this wealth, with pruriency, temtation, and I am curious about the 2013 vintage, which is currently on the shelfs.

Varieties: Kékfrankos, Merlot, Cabernet Franc
Alcohol: 15%
Oh and Kisfiam means “My little son”

Multi-dimensional cuvée from Eger

A pleasant opening of a foggy and unloved month is a fiery Merlot, Cabernet franc and Syrah blend. I got it as a present from a nice friend, and my father’s nameday was the appropriate time to open.
This red mystery takes us to a world full of autumn colors, spicy fragrances. Orsolya Winery from Eger wine region (Ostoros) produces wine in small batches and high quality. When I smell it is nice and hopeful, red aromas with liqueur, and in the tasting moment reminds me varied spicy and exciting red fruit flavours. The second sip opens up a new dimension with blackcurrant and caraway. I wonder what would it show one or two years later.


Name: Százrejtekű
Year: 2009
Alcohol: 14%