Wine and Botanical Garden

Last weeks the Carpathian Basin was transformed to a hot cabin, with 38-40 dergree and we try to cool ourselves nearby water…

Lake Balaton is the “Hungarian Sea” which is one of the best place for that purpose. So we start our tour on the north coast, and between swimming and sunbathing, visited some biological and gastronomy attractions. Folly Botanical Garden is a fourth generation arboretum, and winery also, on Badacsonyörs. Badacsony is the wine region, what about i write in earlier posts. Vulcanic soil, special microclimate because of the lake, and tradtional varieties! On the pics you see a light white wine, called Budai zöld (local variety) what is gift for the visitors. On the background is the vineyard from which it comes. The wine is elegant, definite, but enough light in the hot Sunday afternoon.









Huge cedars, the air is filled with resin scent, the sound of cicadas and the view is amazing.

Can not miss nature lovers from bucket list!

IMG_4195What could be in the bag? Some wine and some saplings!




Mood and wine pairing

Because of the mood of late spring time, when I see how green and lush the nature is, I think of the painters who can faithfully illustrate this kind of mood. Yesterday I saw an air balloon, and I remembered a painting of Szinyei Merse Pál – one of the Hungarian painter geniuses. And why not celebrate this masterpiece with a beautiful liquid masterpiece?

Pál Szinyei Merse – Balloon (Szinyei Merse Pál – Léghajó)

From my window yesterday

The wine is gold with linden honey fragrance, with flowers…  I can’t stop smell it. The taste is creamy and friuty, like you put into your mouth the whole May nature. Beautiful and airy! For that very reason come it to my mind when i see the balloon. Csendes Dűlő Wine Estate is in Badacsony wine region, located in the North coast of Lake Balaton. I love the style of them, friendly family winery, nice wines naturally without frills.

Csendes Dűlő Wine Estate – Hárslevelű 2012 (Photo by Molnár Júlia Dóra


What kind of wine is it?

How great is when a grape variety get a whole month to show what it knows! After February of Furmint an other wine is in the spotlight: Olaszrizling! If I translate, it is “Italian” “Riesling” but it is not related to Riesling, and its origin is contested. The grape is known as Welschriesling in Europe, but Wales is a blind track also. Grasevina, laski rizling are also its names in the Central Europe. For Hungarians it isn’t so complicated, because it is grown on 4600 hectares (largest area cultivated white wine) and can be found almost every of our wine regions. The reason is after the phylloxera it is cultivated replace other wines, because has excellent features. I have been reported about virtues of Olaszrizling in an earlier post.


“If you visit Hungary, you can find wine regions with different soils and climate only a few kilometers apart. That’s why we love olaszrizling, because every one is a single universe.”


I took this photo in Badacsony Wine Region, from the Csobánc mountain. Lake Balaton is on the background, and Badacsony and Gulács volcanic cones. It is just one of the best growing sites of Olaszrizling, and what a beauty diverse, isn’t it? The wine which can represent this beautiful landscape int our glasses, deserves attention for a month, or more.
So in October all eyes on Olaszrizling, lot of bar, restaurant, wine saler give possibility to taste. The big taste is on 19th October, in Gerbaud House. More information: