Olaszrizling dance

csopaki naplemente

It was a sunny Saturday afternoon in Csopak, beautiful white scenery, cold fresh weather and l

ot of olaszrizling. The variety from the Charpatian basin, which is one of the main white wine in Hungary. Its best feature that can show the abilities o

f their homeland like chardonnay. If you visit Hungary, you can find wine regions with different soils and climate only a few kilometers apart. That”s why we love olaszrizling, because every one is a single universe.

So they came all over the country, and I am just wondering it is like a folk dance festival. „Olaszrizling girls and boys” arrives, they dress up the wear of their landscape.

Olaszrizling ladies

have flower fragrance, as Bakó Ambrus’s from Badacsony, and str

ong barrel aged boys intruduce with an elegant incoming, like Cs

etvei Kriszti’s from Somló.
The older folk dancer like Jásdi István’s Siralomvágó (which is the name of the slope) shows an amazing solo with salty-min

eral-bright motifs.

Lectures also took place in addition to the sensual experiences, which has been pointed out many times how great Olaszrizling able to enforce the habitat characteristics.

So I egg everybody to consume olaszrizling from Csopak, Somló, Badacsony or Eger wine regions, because of quality, because they are diverse, not average and because they are delicious!

The organizer of the event was the Balatonikum association.