At the begining of March was held the Vinalies Internationales, international wine competition  and Hungarian wines performed well in the contest.

The result is 9 gold, and 11 silver medal, and the best red was Tamás Dúzsi’s 2011 Görögszó who was the winemaker of the year in 2014. This is a heavenly perfect cuvée with cabernet sauvignon and franc. (Görögszó is the name of the wineyard, a nice part of the region, gives big wines for us)




Vividly soft

…yes, this is our smallest wine region. Somló Hill is a volcanic butte (wittness hill) stands lonely on the plain. At the moment we do not care how big or how small is this because the point is that especial white beauties comes from Somló’s grapevines. I love these typical powerful acid rich whites, but not like in riesling from Germany, rather specific mineral style. Must try.

somló hill

Wine: Somlói Juhfark Aszú

Winery: Somlói Apátsági Pince

The variety is Juhfark (related to this wine region) and the wine is an Aszú, made from botrytis berries. I got it as a gift, and it may seem strange I have no information about sugar, acid, alcohol rates. During tasting only thing I want to know, how can I take more bottles.

Fragrance is complex, more sensual than Juhfark usually (because this variety is not the easy understand type) like linden honey, pretty sweet but not ultra sweet scent, I love it. Taste is wonderful, acid and sugar in absolutely perfect harmony, pampers silky my tongue. Nice symphony. Juhfark is the strong male personality, which get a graceful shape, and the result is so charming…

You have to come and taste, it is a rarity, real gift of nature.



5 facts about Eger Wine Region

1. The region lies on the same latitude than Burgundy.
2. On the Nagy Eged Hill is the highest vineyards in Hungary, it is a Grand Cru area.

eged hegy

(picture was taken today)

3. Bikavér (Bulls Blood, traditional cuvée) classification:

Classicus (3 varieties)
Superior (5 varieties, harvest restricions)
Grand Superior (5 varieties, harvest restricions, first class vineyards)

4. Egri Csillag (Star of Eger) the white cuvée, the pair of Bikavér 4 varieties can be made.
5. Not just the grapes and the cellars, but the thermal baths, the historical sites, Hungary’s second largest church housed in this region.

+ and this Friday will be held the Bikavér Duel where Bull’s Blood can be tasted from Eger and from Szekszárd. More info on this page.

Furmint USA

A new project and a new web page collect the wineries in Tokaj wine region, who make dry Furmints. The site and the videos (like this) also beneficial for us Hungarians, because lot of my compatriots associate to sweet wines when they heard abut this region…

I love furmint, so I am truly happy when I see this kind of projects. About Furmint you can read in earlier posts.

Very good summery of this variety!

The project website.

The blog in new shape!

We are here again!
Happy new year and wish you a lot of good wine experience!
The christmas gift for the blog is a new dress and an own room in the big world wide web.
I hope you like it.