Wine faces

One wine – multiple perspectives

These month are the time of wine regions’ wine competitions. In the last few weeks I took part of some of them and it was so instructive for me, and not just the wine, but the attitude of the judges.

one wine

One of the difference in the reviews was the use of the barrel, and therefore the style of the wine. Some homegrown variety lose its characteristic by the wood, or could not show the terroir. In Hungary we can taste wines which go agains the trends, and not just the light, easydrink and young ones, and I think it is good!

Next month Winelli started a survey, to measure how wine consumer think about it. Coming soon for details!


At the begining of March was held the Vinalies Internationales, international wine competition  and Hungarian wines performed well in the contest.

The result is 9 gold, and 11 silver medal, and the best red was Tamás Dúzsi’s 2011 Görögszó who was the winemaker of the year in 2014. This is a heavenly perfect cuvée with cabernet sauvignon and franc. (Görögszó is the name of the wineyard, a nice part of the region, gives big wines for us)