Wine regions

Wine and Botanical Garden

Last weeks the Carpathian Basin was transformed to a hot cabin, with 38-40 dergree and we try to cool ourselves nearby water…

Lake Balaton is the “Hungarian Sea” which is one of the best place for that purpose. So we start our tour on the north coast, and between swimming and sunbathing, visited some biological and gastronomy attractions. Folly Botanical Garden is a fourth generation arboretum, and winery also, on Badacsonyörs. Badacsony is the wine region, what about i write in earlier posts. Vulcanic soil, special microclimate because of the lake, and tradtional varieties! On the pics you see a light white wine, called Budai zöld (local variety) what is gift for the visitors. On the background is the vineyard from which it comes. The wine is elegant, definite, but enough light in the hot Sunday afternoon.









Huge cedars, the air is filled with resin scent, the sound of cicadas and the view is amazing.

Can not miss nature lovers from bucket list!

IMG_4195What could be in the bag? Some wine and some saplings!




5 facts about Eger Wine Region

1. The region lies on the same latitude than Burgundy.
2. On the Nagy Eged Hill is the highest vineyards in Hungary, it is a Grand Cru area.

eged hegy

(picture was taken today)

3. Bikavér (Bulls Blood, traditional cuvée) classification:

Classicus (3 varieties)
Superior (5 varieties, harvest restricions)
Grand Superior (5 varieties, harvest restricions, first class vineyards)

4. Egri Csillag (Star of Eger) the white cuvée, the pair of Bikavér 4 varieties can be made.
5. Not just the grapes and the cellars, but the thermal baths, the historical sites, Hungary’s second largest church housed in this region.

+ and this Friday will be held the Bikavér Duel where Bull’s Blood can be tasted from Eger and from Szekszárd. More info on this page.